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BECN services expand with launch of ‘The Factory’ - 1000+ sqft of space to help businesses connect, grow & prosper

Posted on Thursday November 02, 2017

Cobourg, ON – November 2, 2017 – Northumberland County announced today a milestone expansion of services for its Business & Entrepreneurship Centre (BECN) with the Grand Opening of The Factory: a creative, modern coworking space for entrepreneurs that will further support the growth and sustainability of local small businesses. 

“Supporting small business success is always a smart idea, and is particularly relevant for smaller communities like Northumberland,” indicated County Warden Mark Walas. “These organizations make up over 98 per cent of businesses in Ontario; they are a vital economic backbone for the province and for our community. The Factory itself is aptly named; its origins are rooted in the fact that this building was once a part of the old Kraft plant. And in the same way that factories build products, we strive to help build businesses. This coworking space is another innovative opportunity for us to foster a prosperous and thriving Northumberland.”

Coworking spaces are membership-based workspaces where professionals with diverse employment backgrounds – often independent businesses owners – leverage the resources of a communal office setting; typically a vibrant work space where members have access to amenities beyond those of a typical home office environment.  This model minimizes operational costs for members, while exposing them to a network of professionals with whom to share knowledge and ideas to help grow their business.

Globally, this concept is gaining significant traction, with the number of coworking spaces set to grow to over 11,000 in 2018, with a projected total membership of a million members. The forecast for 2020 is for 26,000 spaces and over 3.8 million members, worldwide.

“As a members-only community, The Factory will have 30 individual spaces and 14 seasonal spaces,” stated BECN Manager Rob Day. “This arrangement will have particular value for professionals who work out of their home—freelancers, independent contractors, start-ups—or who otherwise work in an isolated environment. Leading up to this launch, we have had significant interest already among our existing BECN clients; there is a real need for this type of arrangement. We are proud to be meeting this need and further bolstering our small business community.”

A section of the County’s 600 William Street, Cobourg building has been converted to create The Factory, resulting in 1000+ square feet of indoor/ outdoor space dedicated to helping entrepreneurs connect, grow and prosper. This coworking space is based on the newest thinking for workspace design, offering:

  • Flexible work spaces: hot desks, meeting areas, planning and idea-generating space, collaboration corners
  • An enclosed outdoor sun quad
  • A workshop/training/conference room
  • High speed internet and WiFi
  • Parking
  • A coffee bar and
  • Regular access to programs and services (seminars, coaching etc) available through the BECN  

“I'm very excited to be a member of The Factory,” stated Robert Scozzari, an entrepreneur from Campbellford. “I often meet clients in Cobourg and find myself needing a place to work for the day. The Factory is the perfect office away from home for me to hold meetings and set up shop when I need it. It's also great to be connecting with other like-minded business owners in a comfortable and professional place.” 

21 members are currently registered with The Factory, with a projected 2018 membership of 40 professionals. Members will pay a yearly membership fee is $59.99 in 2018.

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