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   Our World Free of Abuse  




These pages provide information to raise awareness of key issues around abuse and neglect in later life and to ensure that older adults are treated with respect and dignity in our communities. It is intended to help people access and share information to address this important health, social and legal issue.

Our Mandate

Northumberland Elder Abuse Response Network (NEARN)  was created in the Spring of 2006 to facilitate the planning and coordination of services related to elder abuse prevention in Northumberland County and to provide education and awareness about Elder Abuse in the community.

Volunteer members of NEARN reflect the diverse geographic areas of Northumberland County as well as health, social services, justice, ethno culture, seniors, housing, faith, education sectors, First Nations and individuals concerned about the issue of Elder Abuse. Northumberland Elder Abuse Response Network is committed to working toward creating a safe community for older adults -  the kind of community that we want to grow up in - and to grow old in.

What We do?

  • Provide a forum for members of the community to meet, discuss and develop strategies, protocols, standards and procedures relating to the prevention of elder abuse           
  • Plan and coordinate educational activities relating to the prevention of elder abuse   
  • Reach out to a broad spectrum of the community to increase awareness and promote the prevention of elder abuse          
  • Create linkages and partnerships with Regional, Provincial and National committees to promote and facilitate the coordination of activities relating to the prevention of elder abuse            
  • Assist communities to access resources relating to the prevention of elder abuse         

How we are funded?

Northumberland Elder Abuse Response Network (NEARN)  is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer organization that is funded by contributions from individuals, agencies and by fund raising activities in our communities. For our 2007 fiscal year we also received a Safer and Vital Communities Grant from The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and a one time grant from the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat.