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Winter Tips

Winter Curbside Collection Tips

improper waste on top of snowbank

  • Never put your waste and recycling on top of snowbanks - this is a health and safety concern.

  • When snowbanks become tall, and your driveway has become narrow, keep an area shovelled out in the snowbank for your waste and recycling.

  • Place your waste and recycling to the right side of your driveway. This way, your driver can see your waste and recycling as they approach. Waste and recycling can become hidden behind snowbanks, so make sure they are visible to the driver.

  • Affix your garbage bag tags end-to-end around the neck of your garbage bag(s) so they stick in these cold temperatures.

  • Keep your driveway clear of snow and ice to minimize slips, trips and falls.

  • Have your waste and recycling to the curb the morning of your collection day by 7AM.

  • Inclement weather conditions can delay trucks past their normal collection time. Listen to local radio, or follow our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) to stay up to date.

The winter months can be a tricky time for your waste and recycling collector. Drivers need to make over 1000 stops per day, and following the suggestions listed above can make their job easier and safer, more efficient, and will reduce late and missed collection.

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