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Material Recovery Facility

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Material Recovery Facility

The Material Recovery Facility located in Grafton, Ontario is where household recycling generated throughout Northumberland County is further sorted by material type, and sold as a commodity to re-processors throughout North America. This process keeps thousands of metric tonnes of material out of the Brighton landfill, every year.

Want to learn more?  Come for a tour!

We welcome school children and the general public who wish to tour our facility and gain a better understanding of what happens to your recycling once it leaves the curb. Tours are free and are arranged for a minimum of 5 people, maximum of 25. For safety reasons, children must be over the age of 8 years.  You can schedule your tour between Monday and Friday, for 10:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. 

For more information, email or call Dan Orr at 1-800-354-7050 ext. 2316


Did You Know? In 2016, the MRF recycled the following:

  • Over 3,160 metric tonnes of newspaper and mixed paper!

  • Over 140 metric tonnes of aluminium cans!

  • Over 310 metric tonnes of steel cans!

  • Over 200 metric tonnes of plastic bags.

  • Over 1,650 metric tonnes of cardboard.

  • Over 380 metric tonnes of plastic containers

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