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Illegal Dumping

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Over the past several years Northumberland County has seen a steady rise in the amount of waste gathering in roadside ditches, vacant lots, rural roads, back alleys, sidewalk containers, parks and forests. The nature and quantity of dumped waste indicates that most is dropped by either small businesses or homeowners. Materials typically include:

  • Scrap tires, auto parts;

  • Construction and demolition materials;

  • Household trash;

  • Furniture and appliances; and

  • Hazardous waste.

Many disposal options are available to residents, making illegal dumping so unnecessary: weekly curbside pickup of garbage and recyclables, bulky waste vouchers for free disposal of large items, and household hazardous waste depots. Some municipalities even offer curbside pickup of large bulky items (i.e. couches, appliances, mattresses, etc.) Call the municipality you pay taxes to and enquire about this service.

If you are thinking about dumping trash illegally - THINK AGAIN! Illegal dumpers face a minimum fine of $105 or a maximum fine of $5000. Keep in mind that problem areas across the County are under surveillance and monitored regularly by government officials.

Report Illegal Dumping

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Report illegally dumped garbage by calling the Hotline at 1-866-293-8379 or email the

Residents may dial the Northumberland County Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report illegal dumping that has occurred on municipal roadways. When reporting illegal dumping, provide the following information (if available):

  • Location of where materials were dumped;

  • Vehicle description and license plate number;

  • Personal description of dumping violator.

Remember - NEVER open any garbage bag and remove evidence as this hinders the investigation.  Instead, please report the sighting of garbage bags and other illegally dumped items to our hotline and an officer will handle the removal of any evidence.



Don't Unload on the Road!  Help to keep Northumberland County clean - tarp and secure your load before heading out to the landfill or transfer station.  Insecure loads are a safety issue for other drivers and create an unsightly mess in our beautiful County. 


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