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The household hazardous and electronic waste program has wrapped up until April 2019. Visit for alternative drop off locations.

Northumberland County's Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste program hosts collection events at four different locations throughout the County during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. These sites are open to all residents of Northumberland County.

Click here for a list of dates and locations.

The products collected at these events are categorized and then either Reused, Recycled, or packaged for safe disposal.

Click here for a list of what is accepted.


Tips for Visiting the Hazardous Waste Depot

The following tips are to ensure a safe and efficient trip to the depot for you and our staff:

  1. Please sort your materials prior to visiting the depot - keep batteries with batteries, CFL bulbs with CFL bulbs, paint with paint, etc. This ensures a safe environment for staff, but also increases sorting times at the depot thereby speeding up the line for everyone else.
  2. Needles? DO NOT bring syringes loose. Please ensure your syringes are in a sealed container (i.e. 2 litre pop bottle). 
  3. Please ensure liquid and/or powder waste is also in a sealed container. This ensures a safe environment for all.
  4. Gas or oil? For safety reasons, we cannot empty gasoline or used motor oil  into large drums, and therefore, the container you bring it in, cannot be returned to you. We cannot accept used motor oil in containers exceeding 18 litres.  
  5. Residents only. We do not accept hazardous waste from commercial/industrial/businesses.
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