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Remember the 3 bag limit!

garbage bag with a County tagResidents may place up to, but no more than, three bags of household garbage at the curb for weekly collection. Place a $2.75 green bag tag sticker on each bag.

  • Each bag can weigh no more than 18 kilograms (40 Pounds)
  • Bags placed in garbage cans should be tagged on the bag 
    not on the can. 
  • Size of Garbage cans/bins no larger than 80 litres (17 gallons).  No oversized bins/cans please.
  • Full bag tag MUST be visible for collection.

Garbage tags can be purchased at all Municipal offices, including County office, Landfill and Transfer Stations, as well as a number of convenience and retail stores. Please see garbage bag tag vendor list.

Please be advised that some vendors charge a handling fee of 10% (a maximum of $3.02 per tag).


Was your garbage or recycling missed?   Please call us toll-free at 1-866-293-8379 or 905-349-3900. 




Don't Give Critters the Upper Hand!  Prevent garbage disasters by keeping your garbage bags and cans in the garage until the morning of your collection day.  Garbage cans with secure lids will also help to ward off dogs and birds that want a nibble of last week's supper.

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