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Recycling Containers for Special Events

Why recycle away from home?

It helps reduce waste from going to the landfill, it projects a good public image and keeps your event area clean.

Perfect for fairs, festivals, baseball tournaments, and other large events.

The Ultimate Event Container

Northumberland County offers the ´Clear Stream Event Container´ that allows for even better recycling results!

  • Clear Visual - What you see is what you get. Clear plastic bag allows you to see when it is full and the mix of recyclables being collected.
  • Reduces Contamination - Eliminates contamination in even the toughest environments.


Email the Waste Department at or call 1-800-354-7050 ext. 2316 to reserve.

Let the County of Northumberland help you to recycle at your next event by providing containers designed to capture water and soft drink bottles and cans.


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