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Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

In 2014 the County of Northumberland embarked on the development of a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) which will be a guide to County Council and staff in determining how to improve the County's transportation services. Following an extensive consultation and development process County Council adopted the TMP in March of 2017. The TMP provides a long-range planning document that will assist decision makers in establishing and prioritizing the needs of the County's transportation infrastructure.

The TMP contains analysis of traffic patterns, population growth, transportation trends and infrastructure requirements, outlining policies and services that will support the County in best meeting the mobility needs of the rural/urban mix of communities--projected to grow to 96,000 residents by 2031. The plan identifies an anticipated investment of between $2.4 and $4.2 million over the first ten years, based on five major guiding principles:

1. Maintain and improve County roads that operate as the primary transportation network throughout Northumberland, ensuring the movement of goods and services between and within all municipalities.

2. Continue investing in - and supporting policy development for - alternative uses of the network, including transit services and active transportation methods such as cycling.

3. Update and develop transportation policies in the County to strengthen day-to-day management of the network.

4. Expand and improve the network at a sustainable level, both from a funding as well as an environmental standpoint.

5. Ensure the network is safe and operating as efficiently as possible.

The TMP guides how to best manage the significant social, economic and environmental impacts of a county-wide transportation system over a fifty-year horizon. An Advisory Committee of County and member-municipality staff as well as members of the general public spearheaded the process, in consultation with elected officials, municipal, provincial and federal agencies, stakeholders, and consultant MMM Group. 

General Information

Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

September 30, 2014 Meeting (AC#1)



Presentation- overview of the TMP Study


February 17, 2015 Meeting (AC#2)



Presentation- TMP Study Update


Updated Policy Review

Draft Consultation Summary

Draft Transportation Master Plan Table of Contents 

October 14, 2015 Meeting (AC#3)

Updated Notice


Presentation - TMP Study Update

March 10, 2016 Meeting (AC#4)



Presentation- TMP Study Update and Recommendations 

Final Draft Report November 2016

Transportation Master Plan - Draft Final Report | November 2016 

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