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Medical Waste Subsidy

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This policy applies to residents with medical conditions resulting in the generation of excess amounts of non-hazardous waste which is beyond their control. This policy outlines the process for evaluating and processing requests from these individuals with respect to exemptions from the maximum weekly set out limit for garbage at curbside, as well as for financial relief from the cost of disposing of this waste using bag tags.


The County will provide a set number of free bag tags to an individual who resides within the County of Northumberland, provided that this individual meets the following criteria:

  • The residence in which the individual resides must be eligible to receive waste disposal services though the County's curbside collection program or from the Municipality of Port Hope's waste transfer station;
  • The resident must have a medical condition which results in the generation of excess quantities of waste, beyond the individual's control;
  • The individual must fill in and submit to the County of Northumberland's Transportation and Waste Management Department, on an annual basis, the application titled "Application for Financial Relief & Curbside Collection Exemptions for Medical Waste" which is attached to this policy; and
  • The individual must include with the initial application, and every three years thereafter, certification by a Physician, of the individual's medical condition.

If the above criteria are met, the residence in which the individual resides will be allowed to place more than the standard maximum of 3 bags or containers of garbage out for curbside collection on a weekly basis.


If the County of Northumberland receives a request for relief from disposal cost associates with non-hazardous waste generated as a result of a medical condition, it will review the application and, if the application is approved, it will supply that individual with a set number of free bag tags per year, to assist him or her with the disposal of this waste. In addition, the County of Northumberland will also allow the residence in which the individual resides to place more than three (3) bags or containers of waste out for collection on a weekly basis.

A report will be prepared for Council on an annual basis outlining the number of individuals qualifying for the bag tag subsidy. 

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