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Farm 911 Signs

farm 911 signs 

Northumberland County is a proud supporter of Farm 911 – The Emily Project. 

About this project

Farm accidents can occur in remote locations on a property, making it challenging for first responders to access the emergency. Farm 911 – The Emily Project encourages agricultural land owners to have entrances to their vacant land assessed for civic addresses. With a civic address assigned to a property entrance, a 911 roadside sign can be installed, helping first responders to more easily locate the entrance in the event of an emergency. 

Applying for a civic address and 911 sign

Each municipality in Northumberland has its own requirements that must be met for a property entrance to qualify for a civic address, and its own fee structure for assessment and signage installation. To apply for an address and sign, please contact your municipal authority using the contact information below. Someone will assess the safety and suitability of the property entrance for accommodating emergency vehicles. If the entrance is deemed to code, the municipality will work with the property owner to ensure proper installation of a 911 sign. Northumberland County is pleased to subsidize $25 of every sign fee for the first 280 signs ordered across the county.


Township of Alnwick Haldimand
Public Works & Fire Department
(905) 349-2700


Municipality of Brighton
Manager of Public Works and Environment
(613) 475-1162


Town of Cobourg
Public Works Department
(905) 372-9971


Township of Cramahe
Manager of Operations
(905) 355-2846 ext. 121


Township of Hamilton
Chief Building Official
(905) 342-2810 ext. 125


Municipality of Port Hope
Building Department
(905) 885-2431


Municipality of Trent Hills
Building Department
(705) 653-1900 ext. 238



Learn More

For more information about Farm 911 – The Emily Project, visit

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