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Cycling Master Plan

The County of Northumberland is recognized as an area with a rich cultural heritage, a wide range of urban and rural areas as well as numerous environmental and natural amenities. Among these natural amenities are Rice Lake, Lake Ontario, the Oak Ridge's Moraine, Trent-Severn Waterway and the provincially instituted Greenbelt which all provide an ideal opportunity for the promotion of cycle tourism and recreational cycling opportunities. Our rolling hills, varied landscapes and extensive network of rural township and County roads also provide an appropriate setting for the implementation of cycling initiatives. 

In 2010, the County embarked on developing its first Cycling Master Plan (CMP). The CMP was created as a guide to enable the planning, financing and implementation of a County-wide cycling network. The CMP includes several cycling routes, and various road improvements and upgrades that comprise a 20-year planning horizon. Furthermore, the CMP includes the implementation of signage and infrastructure improvements, as well as, awareness programs which promote education and safety procedures to cyclists and motorists. With the involvement and support of an avid group of cyclists and the County's member municipalities, the CMP was finalized and endorsed by County Council in 2012.

    Northumberland County Cycling Master Plan Highlights 


Download the Cycling Master Plan for Northumberland County

Download your copy of the Cycling Master Plan for Northumberland County 

The four major cornerstones of the CMP are the following:

  • Provide attractive cycling routes which encourage tourism
  • Link cycling paths across the County
  • Develop on-road and off-road cycling facilities
  • Enhanced recreational, commuter and competitive cycling

Please note that traffic volume levels and road conditions may vary from road to road and cyclists are encouraged to exercise recognized safety precautions upon the use of these suggested trails. Cyclists are hereby advised that the suggested routes and public roads outlined on this webpage are to be used at their own risk. In no event will the County of Northumberland incur liability of any form for any damages whether incidental, consequential or direct in conjunction with or arising from the dissemination of the information contained on or related to this webpage.

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