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County Road 2 EA

Study Overview

The County of Northumberland has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment for improvements to County Road 2 from Hamilton Road in Port Hope to William Street in Cobourg to address operational deficiencies and the need for additional east-west transportation capacity in the area. The study is an opportunity to study and consider alternative traffic improvement strategies that:

  • Improve Accessibility - Provides safe, economic and efficient movement of people and goods and is supportive of all modes transportation
  • Promote Sustainability: Preserves the natural integrity of the County Road 2 corridor and promotes active transportation
  • Respect Culture: Maintains the rural character of the communities
  • Create a Complete Street: Creates an opportunity to escalate the status of County Road 2

 Study Area Map

Study Area Map

Study Updates

The County of Northumberland will be completing this Study under the Class EA process. This Study was planned under 'Schedule C' of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Study Commencement
Notice of Study Commencement

Public Information Centre 1, March 29, 2011
Notice of PIC 1 file
PIC 1 Panels file
PIC 1 Comment Form

Public Information Centre 2, October 25, 2011
Notice of PIC 2 file
PIC 2 Panels file
PIC 2 Comment Form

Public Information Centre 3, June 10, 2015
Notice of PIC 3 file
PIC 3 Panels file
PIC 3 Design Plates file
PIC 3 Comment Form

County Council Presentation, August 26, 2015

The ESR is available digitally by clicking on the links below:  

Study Completion
Notice of Study Completion - May 5, 2016

ESR Final Report
County Road 2 ESR - May 2016

Public Consultation
Public consultation is a vital component to this study. Three Public Information Centres(PICs) were held for the general public to receive your input, comments and concerns on the study findings and recommendations. If you would like to provide us with your comments, require additional information, or would like to be placed on the project mailing list to be notified about upcoming public meetings, please contact:

  Zahid Hossain, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
County of Northumberland
555 Courthouse Road
Cobourg, ON K9A 5J6
Telephone: 905-372-3329 ext. 2355
Fax: 905-372-1696
  Anthony Reitmeier, P.Eng.
Consultant Project Manager
HDR Corporation
144 Front Street W, Suite 655
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Phone: 416-847-0005 ext. 5545
Fax: 416-597-3127

Information will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. 

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