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Resident and Family Services

Upon arrival at our home, each resident is assessed to determine their personal needs, strengths as well as their desires.  The residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of therapeutic programs developed to enhance their personal, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.  All programs are developed, implemented and evaluated by qualified personnel including, but not exclusive to, Life Enrichment Aids, the on-site Social Worker and Chaplain, and Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapists.

There is an active Residents' Council at the Golden Plough Lodge made up of people who live in our home.  The Council is a means in which the residents are involved in the management of the home, contributing to their overall welfare and wellbeing.

Family Members of our residents are also encouraged to become involved by attending monthly Family Council Meetings.  The Family Council is an organized and self-led group composed of family members, providing support, empowerment and advocacy to the family and friends of our residents.

Volunteers at the Golden Plough Lodge are community members who are important and valued in providing quality of life to our residents.  Our screened volunteers bring special skills and build meaningful relationships with our residents.  They will often spend their time assisting with programs or special events, mealtimes, visiting and fundraising.

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