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Snowshoeing opportunities are available in the Northumberland County Forest, although there are no dedicated snowshoe trails. The best places to snowshoe are on the Woodland Trail and the Oak Ridges Trail. Snowshoeing is not allowed on the Beagle Club Road Cross-country Ski Trails. The Blue Hiking/Mountain Biking Trail is also available but would be only for people looking for the most difficult of trails. 





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Woodland Trails
The Woodland Trails parking and trailhead is located on the east side of County Road 45 across from Woodland Rd. The Woodland Purple Finch, Black Oak and Sweet Fern loops share some common trail and are 3, 7.5 and 9 kilometers long, respectively. Users can choose to go right or left at the first split and will find signage for the loops in either direction.

For the full Woodland Trails brochure, please click here. 


         Click here to download the Woodland Trails Brochure

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Blue Single-Track Trail

The Blue Single-track trail is a narrow, windy trail with some steep hills. Snowshoers share this trail with hikers and adventurous mountain bikers. Because of the steep hills, this trail should be used by advanced snowshoers only. 





Oak Ridges Trail
To hike the full length through the Forest, park at Bowmanton and Bates Road (~17 km). For a hike half the distance, park at Morris Road and County Road 45 and head west or east (~8.5 km either way)

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