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Invasive Species

Invasive species can be defined as a species that: 1) arrives 2) survives and 3) thrives. Invasives are typically an introduced plant from a different part of the globe, brought over for ornamental or commercial reasons but once established they quickly outcompete native species and can cause severe displacement of natural habitats and species diversity.

Species to be on the watch for include dog strangling vine (DSV), Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard, European buckthorn and most recently kudzu

In the County Forest we have been battling dog strangling vine for 2 years, trying to contain a 100 acre infestation.  The infestation is situated around Beagle Club Road and Dunbar Road and fortunately appears to be contained to the west of County Road 45. We bring in licensed herbicide applicators to treat the DSV in early and late summer. We have collected a GPS cluster of its occurrence and are optimistic that we can control it from further distribution but public education is key as seed dispersal can be as simple as a seed getting stuck to your pocket and being released down the road. Check out this DSV sign from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council-an organization working to raise awareness and coordinate efforts on the battle against invasive species.









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