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Statement of Income Tips

Calendar Image - SOI due on the 16thSubmit your SOI on the 16th of each month, but not before. If handed in late or if pay stubs are missing, it may result in a delay in issuing your cheque.

Sign and date your Statement of Income (SOI) using a pen, and have your spouse sign as well. It is important that you complete this statement in ink as it is a legal document.

If you have no income to report, mark the box for NO in the Income Change section in the top right-hand corner.  And then sign and date the form in the space provided at the bottom. 

If you have income to report, mark the box for YES in the Income Change section. You must claim the details of each pay stub received during the specified reporting period, and be sure to attach all pay stubs.

If you have child care costs, complete the Child Care Expenses section, and attach child care receipts/forms.

If you have changes to report, you must complete the Change Report form. This includes changes such as where you are living, your housing costs, or your family members' information. Please note that information to verify these changes will need to be handed in to your caseworker. These changes can also be reported to your caseworker in person or by phone.

Download Statement of Income (SOI)  and/or Changes Report form(s).




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