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Interactive Voice Response

Information right at your finger tips!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone system that provides you easy access to your personal case file information, as well as general program information about social assistance, using a touch-tone phone.

It's toll-free, convenient and easy to use!  If you´re an Ontario Works recipient and would like to know if your cheque has been issued or other specific details about your personal case file, simply call this toll-free number: 


Each time you call the IVR, you will need to enter your 9-digit Member ID and your 4-digit PIN number.

Your 9 digit Member ID number will appear on your Ontario Works payment statement. A temporary 4-digit PIN will be assigned by your caseworker at the time your file is granted. The first time you call the IVR, the system will ask you to change your temporary PIN to a new number. DO NOT share your new PIN with anyone.  

If at any point you forget your PIN number, speak to your caseworker to have your PIN reset. 

Press 1-1-1 To find out about your most recent cheque          
Press 1-1-2To find out about your past cheques (within the last 45 days)
Press 1-1-3To find out about overpayments
Press 1-2To find out about your case status (ongoing, suspended or closed)
Press 1-3To change your PIN number
Press 2-1For new ODSP information
Press 2-2For general information
Press 6To get IVR instructions
Press 0To reach the Help Desk (Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm)



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