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In Britain’s Playgrounds, ‘Bringing in Risk’ to Build Resilience (article)

The Right Brain Develops First – Why Play is the Foundation for Academic Learning (article)

What is the Most Important Factor in Good Parenting? (article)

Zero to Three – Positive Parenting Approaches (article)

Reggio Emilia (video)

Learning to Read the World: Literacy in the first 3 years

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Policies and Practices to Foster the Social-Emotional Development of Young Children

Loose parts: What does this mean?

Teacher Tom: What to say instead of “Be Careful”

Childhood 101: Multiple Resources for Playing, Learning, and Growing

Five Counties Children's Centre has a great Lending Library!  Image of button to click for current booklist

Five Counties Children's Centre, located at 700 D'Arcy Street in Cobourg, has a good selection of books available for ELCC professionals to borrow.  

Download a copy of their most current booklist. If you see a book that you'd like to borrow, contact Five Counties Children's Centre directly at 905-377-0192 to make your request.

Click here to visit the Ministry site

How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years is a professional learning resource for those working in child care and child and family programs. It supports pedagogy and program development in early years settings that is shaped by views about children, the role of educators and families, and the relationships among them. It builds on foundational knowledge about children and is grounded in new research and leading-edge practice from around the world.


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